Have you wanted more power in your 1980-1983.5 aircooled Vanagon? The Subaru engine series might be the way to go. Have a look through the pricing and feel free to email with any questions.

Email busaru@busaru.com for more information regarding your VW Subaru swap project.

SubaruVanagon Air-Water Conversion:


Major Parts  
Parts car $1,000.00
KEP parts  
Manual transmission Kit $540.00
Exhaust Header $300.00
Exhaust Bracket $40.00
Air Duct $50.00
Rad. Petcocks $35.00
Crossmember $130.00
Heat Shield $18.00
Handling $15.00
Freight $110.00
Subaru tune up $150.00
(fuel filters)  
(Spark Plugs)  
(Plug Wires)  
(Air Filter)  
(Oil Change)  
Non-Intrusive Rebuild  
Rear Main Seal $15.00
Timing Kit $120.00
Air to Water Parts  
Intake Parts $40.00
Exhaust Studs $10.00
Vacuum Parts $10.00
Harness Parts $20.00
Coolant Misc. $50.00
Muffler Misc $50.00
CEL, ALT Lights $10.00
Gauge Wiring, water temp gauge $100.00
Cleaning $20.00
Radiator and fan assembly from 84+ Vanagon $300.00
Coolant pipes $350.00
Front and Rear heater core assemblies $500.00
Parts Total: $3,983.00
Labor Total: $5,640.00
Vanagon Air-Water Conversion Total: $9,623.00


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