VW Subaru Engine Conversion Parts

BUSARU Throttle Body Reverser

BUSARU Throttle Body Reverser $189.99

For Bus/Bug - This Throttle Body Reverser (TBR) uses the absolute tightest tubing possible and allows for clearance between the intake manifold and firewall on the VW Bus and VW Beetle. The factory Subaru throttle cable and bracket are used for an easy and clean installation.

Fits most EJ series throttle bodies. "Drive-By-Wire" intake manifolds require clearancing of the fuel tank firewall on the bus and some newer intake manifolds are incompatible. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Throttle Body modification is necessary on some models - see Youtube video for a quick tutorial here: https://youtu.be/E-vE1GxSZTM and here: https://youtu.be/Yz3PlI5HBHE

The 6 Cylinder EZ30 version uses larger diameter tubing but still maintains a very tight bend radius  due to material cost, an additional $50 is needed (can be paid by adding 50 to the misc. items field below).

If you would like to double-check compatibility, touch to email your model, year, and engine size and I'd be happy to confirm. Years 98-01 SOHC 2.5L throttle bodies may need to have the ignition coil spaced up 1". Spacer seen here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3hDlCnO7lk

These are shipped in bare metal, but pictured is a TBR with a matte black powder coating to show how they look "finished". 


Subaru Model Year

BUSARU Engine Crossmember

BUSARU Engine Crossmember $259.99

For Bus - The Subaru engine crossmember that supports Subaru EJ series engines in the VW Bus (Late Bay 72/73-1979*). This crossmember is simple and easy to install. Simply mate the engine with the transmission, allowing for the transmission crossmember to locate the two, then fasten the Busaru crossmember to the engine mounts, jack up slightly, drill 4 holes, then fasten to the frame. Here is a quick video https://youtu.be/C1fgZb9EmK4

This is an elegant solution to a simple problem. Eliminate complexity.

The crossmember ships in bare metal and is designed for use with the 1995+ Motor Mount brackets. We have a Pre-1995 version as well - allow 2-3 weeks for shipping as <95 are not stocked.

*Note - Early Bay Window Bus 68-71/72) it is necessary to weld the mounting "ears" to match the Early Bay frame rail angle.



Subaru Model Year
VW Bus Year

BUSARU Vehicle Speed Sensor

BUSARU Vehicle Speed Sensor $25.00

For Bus/Bug/Vanagon - In a Volkswagen to Subaru engine conversion it is necessary to tell the computer how fast the VW is traveling - this is done with a VSS. This bracket is designed for VW Bus, Vanagon, Bug and other VW's. You can see a video here: https://youtu.be/JEtdtq4hWqk

VSS Install Instructions: Vehicle Speed Sensor Installation

Comes with sensor and bracket. The bracket ships unpainted.

The Swingarm Transaxle simulates a vehicle speed for applications where a Standard VSS is difficult to mount or sensitive to mud and grime. It mounts near the computer and happily simulates a vehicle speed.



VSS Type

BUSARU Radiator Filler

BUSARU Radiator Filler $69.99

For Bus/Bug - This all aluminum radiator filler is used for the Type 1 and Type 2 Subaru engine conversions. In a bus it is used with dual engine bay radiators. It is placed in the VW Scirocco radiator that sits on the drivers side of the engine bay and allows coolant filling from the engine hatch (Late Bay engine hatch). It allows for a clean installation without drilling an additional hole in the cargo area of your bus.

For the Beetle/Bug/Type 1, you can use this filler in a front radiator design and makes for convenient filling at the Scirocco radiator. The stock Subaru radiator cap is recommended for use with this filler.

Video explanation here: https://youtu.be/d7N0P4NK-Tk

You can see this filler in action here: https://youtu.be/dTdz6FhRrt4



TBR, Crossmember, VSS Bundle

TBR, Crossmember, VSS Bundle $445.00

Bundle pricing for the Throttle Body Reverser, Crossmember. and Vehicle Speed Sensor Kit.



Subaru Model Year
VW Bus Year
VSS Type

Subaru Wiring Harness Conversion

Subaru Wiring Harness Conversion $460.00

$460 includes the basic conversion of a Subaru wiring harness for a VW to Subaru engine conversion. You remove the wiring harness from a donor vehicle, ship to us, and we return the modified harness ready for connection into your project chassis - Instructions and labels provided.

Please print the Information Sheet and include when shipping: Harness Info Sheet

Additional Options: Add VSS +$25, Code Killer +$45 (Kills common codes), Tach Fixer +$40 (Fixes 86-91 Vanagon Tachometer)

If you would like to have additional options such as Cruise Control, just touch to email, text, or call (970-779-0101) with the description of your harness and we'll help you out.


Where do I ship the harness?

BUSARU, 340 Clear Spring Ave, Durango CO, 81301 

I've never pulled a wiring harness, how do I do this?

Watch the BUSARU wiring harness videos here: https://youtu.be/GjsTug7X0Bg and here: https://youtu.be/V8DocqE2nB0

How long does the wiring harness conversion take?

Generally 2-3 weeks to have the modified wiring harness on its way back to you.

What wiring harness items do I need to pull from the donor car?

- The main wiring harness under the dash. 

- The Subaru computer which sits in the passenger foot rest on 1995+ cars, and is under the driver-side dash on 1990-1994 cars.

- The Ignitor, Mass Airflow Sensor, Oxygen Sensors, Atmospheric Pressure Sensor and PSSSV on passenger shock tower in engine bay (some models do not have these 2). Some models (turbo and 6cyl have a fuel pump controller that you will want to keep as well).

- If you have an OBD2 car then make sure to keep that connector (it sits in the driver-side kick panel).

- Keep the alternator harness (It can be cut at the fender, and where it enters the black relay box.

- Turbo conversions require the Fuel Pump Controller in the rear-right/left of the vehicle so grab the controller, its connector, and as much of the wiring to the connector as you can.

- Some 2005+ Subaru's have a security immobilizer so grab the IMMO computer, the ignition key with transponder, and the ignition switch with security ring, best to just email us for details.

The wiring harness continues to the back of the donor car, do I need this?

You can cut the wiring that leads to the rear of the car.

What do I need to send to BUSARU for wiring harness modification?

- The main wiring harness under the dash and the ECU computer - you keep the sensors. If you have any doubts about what to send, you can send everything you have and we will go through it for you. 

Complete Wiring Harness Package

Complete Wiring Harness Package $1299.99


If you have a JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) engine or a rebuilt engine without the wiring harness and computer then this may be the option for you. Busaru will provide a complete wiring harness for your Volkswagen to Subaru engine conversion. 

This package includes a Main Wiring Harness, the Engine Wiring Harness, a Subaru ECU (Computer) and the engine bay sensors necessary for engine operation (except for O2 sensors). If you would like to have additional options such as Cruise Control, Air Conditioning, etc, just touch here to email, text, or call (970-779-0101) with the description of your engine and we'll help you out.


What information do I need to give you to order this Wiring Harness Package?

- Year of engine

- Engine size (2.0, 2.2, 2.5, etc)

- Transmission type in your VW (manual or auto)

- Does your engine have a Turbo? 

- We'll need pictures of your engine to make sure we match the harness as closely as possible.

How long does the wiring harness conversion take?

This package is a ordered on an individual basis and will usually take 4 weeks to have the modified wiring harness shipped to you.


Engine Conversion Support

Engine Conversion Support $1.00

Troubleshooting, Initial Install help, parts recommendations, Design. 

If you need help with small details such as what wires are needed to keep around in your VW chassis, major parts recommendations and design, all the way to troubleshooting engine and electrical problems related to a Subaru engine conversion, feel free to send me an email busaru@busaru.com and we can schedule a Phone/Skype/FaceTime call to sort through your problems. I can provide documentation, photos, and troubleshooting steps to help you get your conversion completed. Pricing is simple, just $1/minute with a 15 minute minimum.

Shipping AK/HI/International - Misc. Items

Shipping AK/HI/International - Misc. Items $1.00

---Alaska, Hawaii, and International Swappers---

Before you place an order, email us for a shipping quote. You can then place a shipping order in increments of $1. For example - your shipping quote comes to $40, you will then put a quantity of 40 in this category.

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